Extraordinary White Ants Life Turnover

Extraordinary White Ants Life Turnover
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Termites have various names, namely White Ants or Termites, which are social insects including infraordo Isoptera or also part of the Blattodea order. Because it is known as the Blattodea order as a pest, then humans feel uncomfortable with the existence of termites around us.

The biggest disadvantage of humans is economic loss, because termites nest in wood and eat it. Because of its social insects, termites are categorized as white ants.

The termite term itself is actually directed at the animal in general, while according to Animal Planet Asia, this is the same as the bee and ant colony that is socializing with each other.

Termites do not have wings, but when a white ant will have wings to fly massively when the rainy season begins. This makes the emergence of flying winged termites as a sign of rain.

Apparently, termite food is not just cellulose in wood. But also cellulose in grass, coconut fiber, paper, textiles and plant skin. In addition to nutritious food they also consume small mushrooms.

You need to know, termites really like moist and dark places but warm temperatures. The reason termites inhabit in dark wood, because they are not strong with light.

Termite Colonies

Apparently like his relatives are bees and Weaver Ants, White Ants also live in colonies and form large groups. In the termite government system there is a king and queen in one colony, they are in charge of hatching potential children.

The body size of the king and queen termites is very striking, you can see that he is the biggest body among the flock then he.

In addition to kings and queens, White Ants socialization also has worker termites and soldier termites. You will see unique things in soldier termites, because they have sting claws on their heads.

The cap is used as a powerful weapon to attack enemies who try to destroy and kill the termite colony. Whereas worker termites you can see the most dominating in the group, because they are tasked with finding food and making nests.

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