Getting to Know the Weaver Ants and How to Cultivate Weaver Ants

Getting to Know the Weaver Ants and How to Cultivate Weaver Ants
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At present Weaver Ants is a dream for some people, because it turns out these ants have properties that are very good for beauty and treatment, so that many do the cultivation of Weaver Ants. But also in hobbies, Weaver Ant also has its own charm because of its unique level of colonies.

Weaver Ants or in scientific language is called Oecophylla, is a medium-sized (even large) ant. Weaver Ants is the hobby’s choice because these ants can make webbing to make nests.

Weaver Ants is a social insect that will form a colony, in the Weaver Ants colony can produce a very large population.

This aggressive insect is very guarding the territory of his territory, if there is an enemy approaching, Weaver Ants will immediately get angry and not hesitate to bite the opponent.

In Asia, Weaver Ants is usually used as a guardian of trees whose fruits are ripe. Because thieves will have difficulty if attacked by thousands of Weaver Ant on the tree.

In addition, Weaver Ants is also the belle of those who keep chirping birds. Weaver Ant larvae are favored by some insectivorous birds, but none of the wild wild birds dare to disturb the Weaver Ant nest.

Therefore, chirping breeders dare to buy expensive larvae (kroto) of Weaver Ants, this is an alternative commodity opportunity for farmers.

What is the Development of Weaver Ants?

Weaver Ants will produce super larvae (kroto) if the development is programmed, the growth of eggs into larvae and then mature will last about 30 days.

The following is data on the development of superior quality Weaver Ant.

  • Eggs to Larvae = 7 Days
  • Pupa Larvae = 14 Days
  • Pupa to Ants Adult = 9 Days

Queen Weaver Ant will lay eggs which then turn into larvae and then become pupa. It is estimated that this change takes 21 days, then the pupa turns into queen ants, male ants, and worker ants. The process of changing pupa to Weaver Ants requires around 9 days.

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