It Turns Out That Termite Roles As Decomposers

It Turns Out That Termite Roles As Decomposers
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One of the things we need to know is the decomposers (this) i.e. organisms that destroy or devour other organisms that have died and also a variety of waste products that originate from other organisms. It takes an important role in the program returns nutrients to the ecosystem.

With the decomposers will then occur land filled with organic compounds, so it is good for the survival of living things. A variety of substances results among other termite description of water, carbon, and nitrogen.

Animals decomposers include:

  1. earthworms
  2. Maggots
  3. bacteria
  4. mushroom
  5. insects
  6. cockroach
  7. snail
  8. lactobacteria
  9. actinomycetes
  10. MOSS
  11. yeast

Termites As A Decomposer

There is a mention of white ant and termite insect decomposers, which is a very good performance. The process of destruction by termites was no doubt, even very large homes could be destroyed by termites are very small.

Although termites as a destroyer of this alias, it is very beneficial to the survival of mankind. Because termites can decipher the remaining wood or plants into substances that are good for plants.

Cellulose is an organic compound with a very abundant in nature, but the presence of cellulose cannot be digested by human-like high-level organisms. While termites can easily digest the cellulose is, this is because there are termites digestive parasite track Trichonympha in the gut that will produce the enzyme cellulase to be converted to D-glucose.

The forest is a natural habitat for the most requiring the presence of a decomposers like termites, because Woods has many titles once the cellulose in wood and hummus so the presence of termites species recycling then the substance is dead it can be overhauled back to being a substance will be useful for the life in the forest ecosystem.

Let us imagine what if Woods no termites that live in it? Then the forest will be filled with dry leaves and wood waste which is dead, it will kill a variety of animals that live in it.

For that role of termites here is very important, from the trees that could be kept alive because the leaves can fall on the already decomposed with produces substances that nourish the tree itself.

A very important element on forests such as nitrogen and carbon are also produced from the decomposition done termites because the recycled wood will produce the substance.

When forest ecosystems are already marred by human hands, then all animals will make adjustments themselves to survive. Therefore now termites have already shifted to the human housing complex, so the termites will be regarded as pests.

In addition, termite are very helpful to the formation of soil water cycle in the forest, this is because the termites make a long hallway on the ground so that rainwater will be good and evenly distributed on each layer of the soil of the forest.

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