Like What Is Termite Life Cycle Actually?

Like What Is Termite Life Cycle Actually?
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Termites are pest animals that are classified as pests, not infrequently humans hate the arrival of termites because they bring economic losses. It turns out that behind the annoying thing, there is something unique happening in termite life cycles.

The start of the life cycle of termites comes from very soft eggs, orange transparent termite eggs. After this egg hatches it will enter the larval phase, in the period the larvae will be nurtured by worker termites.

Then termite larvae will grow into young termites life, there are some who refer to the term nymph. On the way to adulthood, teenage termites will choose their way of life like humans.

These young termites want to be workers or soldiers or even become reproduction, this will affect the future of the termite colony.

Worker Termite Life

When termites take on the role of workers, this is the most important role in a colony. They are tasked with finding food from various places, then storing it to become a food reserve.

Then another task of the termite worker is to take care of the larvae and the queen king, build a nest and also repair it.

These worker white ants commonly damage the wood of your house, because they can digest cellulose from wood. The results of the digestion will be spewed which is then offered to the food of larvae, soldiers, and queen of termites.

You need to know, the type of termite that is most damaging to wooden buildings is Formosa because this type will form super large colonies.

Life of Warrior Termites

Then there is the role of a termite soldier, those who serve as guardians of nests and colonies, this soldier caste has the features of body anatomy and behavior in self-defense efforts and attacks on enemies.

Warrior type termites will grow large jaws as claws, this makes it unable to eat alone. That is why the survival of the termite soldier is very dependent on the worker termites to feed.

You Need to Know: Worker Termites and Termites Soldiers do not have eyes, they live for a maximum of 2 years.

Life Termite Reproduction (Alates)

This Alates type termite is the candidate for the king and queen of the new colony, the nymphs must undergo imperfect metamorphosis to become larvae.

A slender body shape and only this type has wings, its function is to move places to build a new kingdom. Because this termite is categorized as Isoptera (Iso = same, pteron = wing).

The wings on the larvae are very fragile, and will just fall out when they have found a place to build a new colony. If chosen as queen for a colony, the female larval body will be obese for reproduction of eggs.

Each colony has only one king and queen termites, a termite queen is the longest-lived insect in the world. They can live 50 years in comfortable and ideal conditions.

When the queen’s reproductive quality decreases, the reproduction termites aka the larvae will help produce eggs. This Laron failed to become a queen, so their task was to help reproduce colony eggs.

In one colony the number of larvae reached hundreds or even thousands, because of the large number of them so they contributed greatly to the colony. Even when the queen of termites dies, it will be replaced by one of the larvae that will be chosen naturally.

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