Beautiful DIY Indoor Home Decoration Ideas Wall Garden

Beautiful DIY Indoor Home Decoration Ideas Wall Garden

If you want to put your home as an ornament of plants on the walls or corridors, make sure you’ve read the explanation below. With a little touch of your art work then it could be an inspiration for people who see it.

You just need a little bit of creativity, with a sketch of the clothes hanger hook then gives as the base for balance to the floor then your garden will depend above, your floor fuala free from clutter and all plants have the space to grow large and become beautiful.

Do not directly place the pot or place your plants on the walls but use wood so that there is space and distance between the potted plants with the wall, this will keep the plant does not damage the walls of your home.

With the wood formed is also adds to the aesthetic value of the House so it will be an integrated harmonious taste is created by itself.

Home Design Ideas like this may seem very basic, but with the idea of creations that you can apply it then it produces a beautiful pattern.

Beautiful DIY Indoor Home Decoration Ideas Wall Garden

Would be prettier if you add some lights with batteries, so if the evening garden depending on you will turn on and will look like a garden to life. Instead of plants that have no meaning. If you do not want to use a battery light, it could be anything that can be turned on or with other decorations. But one who remember, don’t add too much frosting on the grounds of your wall.

If too many ornate depending on the Park then it would greatly disrupt the mood and it would look very bad, for it to use the accessories as necessary so as not to look tacky.