How to Grow Orchids From Cut Stem

How to Grow Orchids From Cut Stem
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Today’s content will show you how to grow orchid from stem cuttings. Okay today i’m going to show you how to clone an orchid plant and you’re going to be using the node of the orchid plant so you’re gonna be looking at the stems for the nodes so you’re gonna have to have a much orchid plant to do this a lot of times orchids are expensive and you’ve got an orchid that you really like and you want to make a clone of it this can also be done there’s something in horticulture called a keiki.

It is basically the baby plant it’s an exact clone of the mother plant sometimes while it’s flowering it’s still attached to the mother the word is kiki and it’s hawaiian actually is for baby your child it’s literally means the little one so that would be an exact replica of the mother plant and the kiki, usually grows well it grows from one node on the flower stem.

You’ll start to see this growth starting to protrude out of the stem and it starts to get little roots that’s actually a clone of the mother planet you can cut that and plant that and you’ve got a second plant just like the mother plant once it flowers it’s gonna look just like the mother plant.

So what we’re gonna do today is we’re going to show you a way to actually influence that node that’s on that stem to actually grow and if you watch this you can out you there’s a there’s a paste out there that you can go on out and get it’s called kiki paste.

It’s just like a little gel or actually wax that you would put on a node to try to encourage it to grow but i’m going to show you an organic natural way to do this with actual moss moss is used with orchids it’s a food source it does a lot of things for the orchid so by putting it with the orchid stem and actually encourage courage’s this growth so as long as the the space that you’re growing this in is tight and sealed and it’s got some moisture in there we’re going to be able to encourage the node to grow.

So okay, what are we going to need for growing orchids from stem cuttings it’s very simple we’re going to use the organic method here and we’re only going to need water a place to put the orchids into a medium to wrap our orchids with and obviously a mature orchid with a stem that has a couple of nodes on it now what i do is i take a couple stems and i put them together.

So if you guys are doing multiple ones you may want to label those if you’re just doing it at home for fun or just wanna clone one one plant that’s fine but i like the label mine so that i know which one it is as they grow and i kind of keep tracking records that way but swagga moss you don’t want to pull this from your backyard anywhere you want to go ahead.

In case you guys don’t know where to get that you can have it shipped right to your door but basically what we’re gonna use it’s going to use water we’re going to use a large vase a vase that’s big enough to hold like an 8 to 10 inch cutting.

If you guys don’t have anything like that you can put these in like two-liter pop bottles those work great anything that’s big enough to fit an 8 to 10 inch stem cutting in there like i said i use usually do about five to ten of these together and what you’re gonna want to use as you’re going to use water.

We’re just going to use water we’re not using any chemicals nothing like that so we’re gonna take our boss that we have we’re going to and i like to use a spray bottle i spray it get a damp you can just dip it in water as well but again you want to use like spring water you don’t want to use anything that would have chemicals in it just trying to keep everything as sterile as possible it’s not critical.

But you want to try to try to keep everything clean so you’re going to grab your stem cuttings you’re going to get those ready and you’re just basically just gonna wrap those stem cuttings with the sphagnum moss.

Okay you want to make sure it’s damp you want to be able to squeeze it a little bit there’s some water that may drip out of it so that’s how what you want to get the moss once you’ve got your vase or your pop bottle pop bottle you want an obvious caught off the top of the pop bottle you want to keep an open end there and then, you’re just gonna wrap wrap them tight you’re gonna place that into your vase.

We’re vos people a lot of people call it a vos or i call it a vase and before you actually do that you want to fulfill about you want to put a little bit of water in the bottom of that just so it has just a little bit of water also in the bottom the water just keeps it moist down there and one thing i failed to mention the orchid cuttings you want to wrap the moss with like rubber bands that just holds everything together.

So you’ve got some large rubber bands it doesn’t have to be super tight you can leave it a little bit loose but you want a good wrap around those orchid stem cuttings and just make sure that it’s gonna it’s gonna it’s not gonna move that way and it’s secure if you’re not sure where your note is on that stem cutting let’s take a look at an orchid and let’s zoom in on this orchid and let’s look at the notes here so one node would be right here and there’s a second node right here.

Okay now that you have identified the nodes on your cuttings and you’ve got your cuttings prepared you’re gonna want to cover your vase or your plastic bottle with perforated plastic if you don’t have that you can just use saran wrap or some sort of plastic like plastic and just put a few holes in the top you will then want to place your vase or your bottle into a warm area 25 degrees celsius which is 77 degrees fahrenheit.

You can use a heat mat underneath but you want to place it into a warm area and you want to have some light there you can place it under or grow light if you want or just a sunny location maybe in your kitchen that’s fine as long as the temperature stays within that range it’s gonna create a greenhouse effect inside for the plant and you’re going to start to see results in about three weeks check it in about three weeks you should have some growth on those nodes and then it may take about two months to get the it off gently and then it should be ready to establish itself.

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